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I'm Emily Bavaro. In my long-tenured experience, I've found that a person's how is equally as important as their what. As we get to know each other, you'll find I'm a compassionate leader with strong followership. You'll enjoy working with me as much as you value my outputs.  

My Story

I'm a born marketer—it's not just a job description; it's in my bones and in my soul. Ever since I watched those captivating Super Bowl ads in fourth grade, I knew I wanted to be part of the advertising world, working on brands. My foundation in marketing started at a young age, learning the ropes at my parents' grocery store, the Big M supermarket in Avon, New York. From pricing and merchandising to community engagement and team collaboration, I understood that passion and teamwork are essential for success.

For two decades, I honed my marketing skills at a large company, handling multiple brands. I launched new products, introduced brands to new markets, and connected with countless consumers. Now, my excitement knows no bounds as I get to contribute to many companies, helping them build their brands.

Not only am I a marketer, but I'm also a builder at heart. Creating, especially where there's little structure or legacy, drives me personally and professionally. Guiding others to success brings me immense joy, almost as much as building LEGO sets with my son, Sam.


From managing multimillion-dollar media budgets to organizing my in-laws' garage sale, marketing is my passion and always will be.

So, how can I help you?


Beth Stellato

Chief Communications Officer, Newell Brands

“Because of the areas of crossover in our work (brand comms/PR, corp comms, and marketing) I had many opportunities to see Emily in action. I was always impressed with her thoughtfulness in her work and her commitment to the development of her people."

Pete Dyke

Chief HR Officer, Apex Tool Group

"I had a chance to work directly with Emily as she covered a short-term need with our company, leading our Communications efforts. Emily quickly dug in and made a great impact immediately. She consistently demonstrated outstanding positive energy, was always willing to engage with our team members, and did an overall outstanding job for us. I'd welcome the opportunity to work with Emily again in the future, and can highly recommend her for any short or long-term opportunities."

Alan Rutherford

Axis Partners

"Emily played a remarkable role in a turbulent time at Newell. She introduced a CMO skillset to all brands; integrating world class best practice, standardising marketing process and approach, ensuring marketing accountability and installing a digital mindset throughout the organisation. Emily leads her teams with thorough dedication ,always with enthusiasm and encouragement for her colleagues."

Let's Connect

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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